Richezza (purplebiker) wrote,


Aerith Gainsborough -- FLOWERS. lots of them.
Amaterasu -- a snowglobe with mini statuettes of richezza, ammy, cruz, and itegami. it says "Family" on the front. there's a set of four, one for ammy, one for richezza, one for itegami, one for cruz. also SEXY LINGERIE and a very very soft and fluffy bathrobe
Anemone -- A giftbasket with muffins.
Anise Tatlin -- A silver ring with a tiny tiny diamond. DIAMONDS ARE EXPENSIVE.
Aphrodite -- a ring which looks like this.
Aqua -- a tiara with inexpensive gemstones
Arietta the Wild -- a book on animals
Buffy Summers -- giftcard for fashion
Canada (Matthew) -- A PARKA WITH FUR AROUND IT
Chie Satonaka -- a feminine dress.
Chihaya -- ...the same as chie lmao
Cirno -- a gift card to an icecream store
Cloud Strife -- a girl's dress. it was the girliest, frilliest thing he could find
Commander Shepard -- SEXY LINGERIE 8| also fake pearl earrings with two SMALL real sapphires on them
Crow -- "How to Woo Your Partner - A Guide for Dummies"  and a book about robots.
Cruz -- a dress. and a tuxedo. he couldn't decide. oh, and a unisex ring. ALSO a snowglobe with family YADDAA YADDA FIND THE INFO IN AMMY'S POST
Denmark -- a bunch of danish food |:
Doctor Kiriko George -- a magazine on medicine, a coupon which says "free hug", and a silver bracelet
Excalibur -- CHINESE FOOD also handcuffs?
Fai D Flowright -- a (somewhat) sexy bathrobe
Flandre Scarlet -- a devil's foodcake. with red icing.
Fon Master Ion -- manly-looking clothes |:
Fox McCloud -- ...a cat toy and a bunch of meat, and a "popular mechanics" magazine
Franken Stein -- sewing patterns, a new suit (which will match Spirit's), a hand-written apology, and a cookie
Hong Meiling -- a wheelchair ornament (lmao) and chinese food
Itegami -- a snowglobe with mini statuettes of richezza, ammy, cruz, and itegami. it says "Family" on the front. there's a set of four, one for ammy, one for richezza, one for cruz, one for itegami. also sexy lingerie. also a saddle which fits on an ox (l-lol)
Jace -- sexy lingerie |:
Justin Law -- giftbasket of muffins
Kairi -- a book with 1001 jokes
Kamui (Douchebag with Umbrella) -- A HUGE SALAMI |:
Kamui Shirou  -- a gift card to a seafood restaurant
Kaylee Fry -- ...another pass to Lo's Steakhouse
Koro -- TONS OF FOOD and a little bell to wear around her neck if she wants
Kurt Hummel -- shittons of sheet music from old musicals
Kushina Uzumaki -- instant ramen noodle packets. like, 20 of them.
Lelouch Lamperouge -- clothes that don't make him look so feminine
Lt. Surge -- SEXY LINGERIE also actual clothes that aren't an army uniform. something comfy.
Maka Albarn -- giftbasket of muffins and a gift card to a bookstore?
Maximum Ride -- sexy lingerie and a giftbasket of muffins and this necklace.
Mello (Mihael Keehl) -- 10 gourmet chocolate bars
Miku Hatsune -- a little robot which he's going to see if she can "possess"
Minatsuki Takami -- a cute black dress. and chocolate.
Mitsuba Okita -- like 30 bags of ultra-spicy chips and a dress.
Momotaros -- a red electric guitar that he and Rydia bought, a coffee maker, two GIANT tins of coffee, 30 cans of purin, a bagful of candy, a red ruby ring that would fit on his horn, a leather bracelet, and a kiss on the cheek
Morty -- a book on human sexuality and gender
Namine -- a sketchbook and more chocolate
Naoki -- a new ring. THIS ONE HAS A CARVING IN IT
Naomi Kimishima -- sexy lingerie. and a new set of scalpels
Naoto Shirogane -- GIRLY-LOOKING CLOTHES. like. a really feminine dress.
Natalia Kimlasca-Lanvaldear -- a giftbasket of muffins
No1 --  a gift card to an all-you-can eat buffet
Norway -- norwegian food
Pamela Ibiss -- a basket full of ribbons and
Patchouli Knowledge -- giftcard to a bookstore, sexy lingerie, and comfortable clothes that don't look like pyjamas. also a tiny amethyst ring
Polly -- a study guide on how to become a doctor and a
Prince Naveen -- sexy lingerie, a set of new FANCY clothes (this was his secret santa gift) and a gold ring
Ran Yakumo -- western-looking clothes, a new hat (with ear holes, the measurements might be a LITTLE off), and a gift card to a japanese restaurant
Ratchet -- a book on human anatomy. it's in FULL COLOUR. also there's like, an e-book version on a cd in the back in case it might be easier to read that way.
Remilia Scarlet -- devil's foodcake, just like for her sister.
Rydia -- a cute dress. and this ring. it's real.
Sasuke Uchiha -- a plushie he hired some alien to make of BITTY!Sasuke
Seto -- MANLY LOOKING CLOTHES and sexy lingerie? also a hand-made card
Sherlock Holmes (2009) -- a big gift card to a science emporium, new clothes, and a hug
Spirit Albarn -- a hand-written apology, a new suit (which will match Stein's)
Sync the Tempest -- a guide on how to smile, sexy lingerie, new gloves, new shoes, and an outfit which doesn't make him look like some kind of gay power ranger
Tama -- a totally badass new broom. it has like an mp3 player built-in, okay
Vexen -- a hand-carved wooden cat (he bought it, not made it)
Vivi Orunitia -- a cute little suit and tie which COULD fit him
Xion -- a dvd with a bunch of cartoon movies
Youmu Konpaku -- a new ribbon with a few pretty gemstones sewn in
Yukari Yakumo -- a toy truck. somehow it shoots missiles
Yuuka Kazami -- red roses
Yuyuko Saigyouji -- a gift card for a restaurant. an all-you-can-eat buffet. also a guide on pet care so she can look after excalibur.

Comment if I missed you!
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